About Rattlesnake Productions

par-text-rattlesnake Productions, Inc. (RPI) is a 501(c)(3) organization co-founded in 1983 and based in Bozeman, Montana. Dedicated to developing, producing, and distributing community-based, nationally significant films and educational programs, RPI media promote cultural and ethnic diversity and provide the public with a better appreciation of American history. RPI produces film, video, and written materials for distribution to schools, universities, and the public including educational outreach tools such as well as web sites, study guides, and educational DVDs.

A nationally recognized expert in producing humanities programs, RPI received substantial funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities for Butte, America.  All RPI’s award-winning films have been broadcast nationally on PBS, and have received national and international recognition through screenings at community theaters, museums, and major film and video festivals in the U.S. and Europe. RPI’s acclaimed track record includes the following one-hour documentary films:

Backbone of the World: The Blackfeet

Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and broadcast nationally on PBS, this film was shot in the Blackfeet homelands and portrays the journey of Blackfeet filmmakers George Burdeau and three young videographers as they explore the Badger-Two Medicine controversy, during which the last piece of sacred treaty land was threatened by oil exploration.

Ishi, the Last Yahi

Nominated for an Emmy Award, this film chronicles the strength and spirit, life and times of Ishi, the sole surviving member of the Yahi tribe in northern California. Broadcast on PBS’s prestigious American Experience and in worldwide distribution, this  immensely popular film won the audience award for Best of Festival at the Munich International Festival; Best Documentary at the San Francisco American Indian Film Festival; the Gold Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival; First Place for non-Indian producers at the Red Earth Film Festival in Oklahoma; and the Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Documentary at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City; among others.

Contrary Warriors: A Story of the Crow Tribe

Produced by Connie Poten and Pamela Roberts with Beth Ferris, this film celebrates the remarkable life and times of Crow Indian leader Robert Yellowtail and his unflagging dedication to preserving Crow tribal lands, water rights, and cultural heritage. Originally broadcast on PBS and A&E and later screened at the New York Film Festival, Contrary Warriors received the John Grierson Award for Best Film, First Time Director; the Golden Plaque Award at the Chicago International Film Festival; the Silver Prize at the San Francisco Film Festival; and the Cine Golden Eagle Award, Washington, D.C.; among others.